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Infra-Red Thawing Systems

The lowest cost-per-ton coal thawing system in the world…When using very large amounts of coal it is essential to unload every lump you pay for. Coal frozen to coal cars goes back to the mines, not into your stockpile! Unload every lump of coal you paid for – even in the dead of winter.

Welcome to Thunder Bay – Coal doesn’t get much more frozen than when it’s hauled during a Canadian winter from British Columbia and Alberta across the plains of Saskatchewan and Manitoba into Thunder Bay, Ontario. When the coal reaches Thunder Bay, the trains pass through a thaw shed which has six one-car heating bays equipped with Solarflo gas-fired infra-red heating systems. In this Solarflo installation, cars are unloaded completely at the same rate in winter as they are in the summer.

Patented Solarflo gas-fired, infra-red heaters deliver maximum combustion efficiency and careful control of the total heat output, containing, reflecting, and re-reflecting to conserve fuel and minimize operational costs.

With the Solarflo Infra-Red Thawing System, thawing costs just pennies per ton! If you’re using electric power to thaw coal, let us show you how to reduce your energy costs by 4 to 1…and maybe more!

Infra Red Thawing System