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Just ask the best burner engineers. They know the best gas burner design is the one that releases the heat energy at the lowest possible level in the combustion chamber at the best value over the life of the application. That’s why they rely on Solarflo. That’s why you should, too.


Our Impinged and Slotted Cap Gas Jet Burners, Infra-Red Heaters, Infra-Red Thawing Systems, and Power Gas Incinerator Burners provide you with the best value in the industry. Burners that produce more BTU’s in a given space than any other atmospheric burner. Infra-red heaters that last longer and reduce costs. Coal thawing at just pennies per ton. Incinerator burners that produce maximum heat while reducing exhaust temperatures and conserving fuel. See for yourself!


Engineering Design : Your custom atmospheric or infra-red burner application is in good hands with our experienced engineering staff and state-of-the-art laboratory. Bring us a problem, we’ll solve it, and solve it right. The first time!

Our Infra-Red Burners Last Longer

and Reduce Heating Costs!

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Bring us a problem and we will solve it right... The first time!